Halcyon Agri to collaborate with CCCMC for Sustainable Natural Rubber

Halcyon Agri to collaborate with CCCMC for Sustainable Natural Rubber 


SINGAPORE, March 27 2020 – Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited (“Halcyon Agri” and collectively with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) and China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (中国五矿化工进出口商会) (“CCCMC”) are joining forces to foster sustainable development for natural rubber.

新加坡,2020 年 3 月 27 日–合盛农业有限公司(简称“合盛”,并与其子公司并称”合盛集 团”)和中国五矿化工进出口商会(简称“五矿商会”)宣布联手促进天然橡胶可持续发展。

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding entered into between Halcyon Agri and CCCMC, CCCMC will assess Halcyon Agri’s policy, procedures and practices against CCCMC’s Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber (the “Guidance”)¹ and international best practice.

根据合盛集团与五矿商会签订的谅解备忘录,五矿商会将依据《可持续天然橡胶指南》(简称 “指南¹”)和国际最佳实践来评估合盛集团对可持续天然橡胶的政策、程序和做法。

CCCMC will also assist to develop practical and systematic solutions to improve Halcyon Agri’s sustainability systems and practices, with the objective of advocating Halcyon Agri’s development toward sustainability as industry reference. Halcyon Agri operates its own integrated natural rubber supply chain, and has control over how its natural rubber is grown, sourced, produced, and distributed. CCCMC seeks to identify the applicability of its Guidance and implementation tools from this exercise, to build a sound foundation to provide standards and tools for natural rubber companies more widely.

五矿商会将协助合盛集团制定实用且系统性的解决方案,以改善合盛集团的可持续天然橡胶治 理体系与实践,旨在倡导合盛集团践行可持续发展并建立行业性示范。合盛集团天然橡胶业务 覆盖全产业链,具有控制其天然橡胶的种植、生长、采购、生产加工和分销的能力。五矿商会 将通过此项合作,识别其《指南》和实施工具的适用性,从而为更广泛的天然橡胶企业提供标 准和工具打下坚实基础。

Robert Meyer, CEO of Halcyon Agri, commented: “China has long been the preeminent investor in the Natural Rubber sector. I am delighted that CCCMC has taken the global lead towards developing sustainability standards and promoting sustainable practices. As a subsidiary of Sinochem International Corporation, Halcyon Agri is committed to forging new pathways for the natural rubber industry, and to developing a business model that is truly sustainable.”

合盛集团首席执行官罗伯特(Robert Meyer)评论道:“长期以来,中国一直是天然橡胶行业 的杰出投资者。我对五矿商会在全球率先制定可持续标准并推动可持续做法倍感钦佩。作为中 化国际公司的子公司,合盛集团致力于为天然橡胶行业开辟新途径,并会为开发真正可持续的 商业模式不竭余力。”

Jiang Hui, Chairman of CCCMC, commented, “CCCMC provided support for many multinational enterprises towards sustainable governance and has accumulated rich practical experience for many years. As a global leading natural rubber enterprise, Halcyon Agri is putting a high value on the implementation of sustainable development policy, and continuously taking action for improvement. For the cooperation, CCCMC will maximise its professional advantages, further promote Halcyon Agri’s big step forward in sustainable governance, and endeavour to set an excellent example for the global natural rubber industry.”

五矿商会江辉会长评论:“多年来,五矿商会帮助很多跨国企业开展可持续治理,积累了丰富 的实践经验。合盛集团作为全球领先的天然橡胶产业集团,注重可持续发展政策的落实,并努 力持续开展改进行动。此次合作,五矿商会将充分发挥专业优势,在推进合盛集团可持续治理 再上新台阶的同时,也努力为全球天然橡胶行业树立实践典范。”


 ¹The Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber, developed by CCCMC-led experts team, is the first comprehensive and riskoriented guidance in the global natural rubber field. It aims to provide the companies engaging in natural rubber investment, planting and processing with business policies, management frameworks, risk analysis, evaluation references and implementing methods for identifying, preventing and managing environmental, social and governance risks, so as to help them incorporate risk-oriented due diligence systems into their daily management activities, and achieve business compliance and sustainable development. It is available at http://www.cccmc.org.cn/docs/2017-11/20171107204714430892.pdf

中国五矿化工进出口商会组织专家编制的《可持续天然橡胶指南》是全球天然橡胶领域第一部全面、且基于风险视角的指导文件。 其目的是为从事天然橡胶投资、种植和加工的企业提供政策、管理框架和评价参考,为识别、预防和管理环境、社会、治理风险 提供实施方法,由此帮助企业将基于风险视角的尽责管理体系纳入其日常管理活动,实现业务合规和可持续发展。原文出自: http://www.cccmc.org.cn/docs/2017-11/20171107204714430892.pdf