We produce Crumb Rubber and Latex at our processing facilities, in Southeast Asia, China and Africa, and procure other origins and grades from third-party producers worldwide.

Crumb Rubber

We produce Technically Specified Rubber of Indonesian, Malaysian and African origins to a range of specifications. We have particular expertise in the production of consistently high-quality constant viscosity rubber (both VK and CV). Our robust technical capability lets us customise the natural rubber specifications to our customers’ unique requirements. Our crumb rubber is sold to all major tyre manufacturers globally.

HeveaPRO brand of natural rubber represents our commitment to the highest standards of quality, ethics, responsibility and governance. When you buy HeveaPRO, you are getting a premium quality product from a trusted supply chain partner.


Our plantation in Cameroon produces concentrated latex that is processed at our Hevecam factory and distributes to our customers worldwide through our distribution houses. We also source natural latex from leading producers worldwide, from factories that we regularly audit and with whom we have developed tailor-made procedures and product parameters.

Latex is used in household products such as rubber gloves, condoms, balloons, adhesives, and duct tape. Latex is also widely used in the commercial and industrial sectors such as roofing, paving and medical products.