Vision Statement

As the world’s leading rubber franchise, Halcyon Agri recognises its role in creating a fair and equitable natural rubber supply chain, for the benefit of the industry as a whole. Our integrated natural rubber value chain and global network allows us to achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency, and empowers us to create better value for all of our stakeholders.

We are proud and inspired by our uncompromising pursuit to achieve the Group’s objectives and we would like to introduce you to Halcyon Agri Group’s Vision Statement

Halcyon Agri’s ultimate goal

OUR VISION is to be the leading natural rubber global franchise, leveraging our globally integrated platform in advocating for ESG practices across the supply chain, and effecting meaningful change in the industry.

On the same note, Our Pillar of 360° Excellence outlines the key priority areas in facilitating the achievements of our Vision and our business objectives. These elements form the cornerstone of the Group’s continued business success, and empower us to deliver better value to all stakeholders.

Our Pillar of 360° Excellence – key areas of focus which all members of the Group should strive to attain, in order to achieve the Group’s vision:

Our Pillar of 360 degress Excellence
Our Pillar of 360 degress Excellence