At Halcyon Agri, we believe that not all natural rubber is created equal. We understand that our natural rubber is used to manufacture products where consistent quality, reliability and safety are paramount. Our products, like yours, must also be produced ethically, sustainably and responsibly. Which is why our natural rubber is processed at factories that are compliant to HeveaPRO. The HeveaPRO brand of natural rubber represents our commitment to the highest standards. When you buy HeveaPRO, you are assured of a premium quality product from a trusted supply chain partner produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


1. Quality Standards

HeveaPRO guarantees the highest standard in quality assurance by applying three principles: Quality of Product, Quality of Factory, and Quality of Management.

2. Environment, Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a high standard of safe working conditions to prevent injuries and ill health of our employees.

3. Social Responsibility

We respect the people in the communities in which we operate and the environment that is their livelihood. Our Sustainability is all about empowering these communities and minimising the environmental impact.

4. Supply Chain Security

We care about our security and that of our customers. We have implemented security measures that extend beyond our premises, all the way to our customers’ doorsteps.

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