We have the scale, scope and reach to adapt to global demand for the tyre, non-tyre and medical industries making us the leading natural rubber franchise in the world. 


We source high-quality natural rubber from in excess of 700,000 hectares of plantation land globally, facilitated by our long-standing relationships with smallholder farmers and agents. We also sustainably procure finished goods from leading, third-party natural rubber producers from all major sourcing origins across Asia, Central America and West Africa in line with our Rainforest Alliance-endorsed Sustainable Sourcing Policy.


Our entrenched position in key markets enables us to distribute a range of natural rubber grades, latex and specialty rubber for the tyre, non-tyre and medical sectors through custom-made delivery programmes. This is facilitated through our global ecosystem of assets, including an unrivalled network of distribution offices, warehouses, hot rooms, laboratories and tank storage facilities. As a trusted partner to suppliers, our global market perspective offers detailed supply and demand analysis that is further flanked by a dedicated technical advisory unit.

Hevea Global

This segment is our merchandising arm dedicated to the global marketplace for tyre-grade rubber.

We supply TSR from our factories in Indonesia to the world’s major tyre manufacturers.


Our subsidiaries New Continent Enterprises (NCE) and Halcyon Agri Shanghai Limited (HASL) distribute natural rubber from our processing factories in China, Malaysia and Thailand to our Chinese customers.

We sell and deliver directly through a countrywide logistics network that is efficient and offers just-in-time delivery.


Corrie MacColl holds entrenched positions in key markets enabling the distribution of 400,000 tonnes annually to over 1,000 customers in 350 cities globally.

The group includes the following operating entities:

• Corrie MacColl Europe

• Corrie MacColl North America

• Corrie MacColl Asia

• Momentum Technologies Laboratories

• Kelvin Terminals

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