We have the scale, scope and reach to adapt to global demand for the tyre and non-tyre industries making us the leading natural rubber franchise in the world. 

Our Distribution Network

The Group leverages its extensive network of warehouses, terminals, laboratories and sales offices across the world to distribute a range of natural rubber grades, latex and specialty rubber for the tyre and non-tyre industries. Our procurement offices are located in Southeast Asia near our factories. We have distribution centres in Asia, Europe and North America, which means we are close to our customers no matter where they are. Our storage and tank facilities are in Germany, The Netherlands and North America and this enables us to deliver our products to our customers in a timely manner. Our terminal handling facilities ensure that proper measures are taken to eliminate risks such as contamination and de-stabilisation.


Global Tyre Majors customer segment

This segment is our merchandising arm dedicated to the global marketplace for tyre-grade rubber.

We supply TSR from our factories in Indonesia and Ivory Coast to the world’s major tyre manufacturers.


PRC Tyre Majors customer segment

Our subsidiaries New Continent Enterprises (NCE) and Halcyon Agri Shanghai Limited (HASL) distribute natural rubber from our processing factories in China, Malaysia and Thailand to our Chinese customers.

We sell and deliver directly through a countrywide logistics network that is efficient and offers just-in-time delivery


includes our operating entities of

• Alan L Grant Polymer

• Centrotrade

• Kelvin Terminals

• Momentum Technologies International

• Momentum Technologies Laboratories

• Wurfbain Polymer