Corrie MacColl Combines Distribution Platforms under Single Brand

London, 24 April, 2020 – Natural rubber company Corrie MacColl, a subsidiary of global NR supply chain manager Halcyon Agri has announced the brand merger of its three great distribution businesses. As of today Alan L Grant, Centrotrade and Wurfbain Polymer will officially operate as one, simply known as Corrie MacColl North America, Europe and Asia, respectively.

The incorporation of the three platforms into one brand will strengthen the company’s customer centric approach as it continues to play an essential role in facilitating the critical international trade of natural rubber.

Bringing the brands together allows the Corrie MacColl Group to further leverage its geographical reach, whilst streamlining certain middle and back office functions. The newly integrated team will provide a seamless global interface to the global marketplace for medical, industrial and speciality natural and synthetic rubber applications.

Corrie MacColl’s Technical Support team, Momentum Technology Laboratories, as well as Kelvin Terminals, will support the Corrie MacColl Distribution platform globally.

Commenting on the transaction, Robert Meyer, CEO of Corrie MacColl states: “A single brand strategy is the natural step in order to steamline our market approach and to reduce any global customer’s confusion.”

The move will help strengthen our corporate strategy to showcase industry leadership and drive innovation across the rubber market. Corrie MacColl will continue to do what it does best in leading the global marketplace for natural rubber.”