Halcyon Agri’s origination reach is extensive, spanning the world’s major natural rubber producing regions. Our raw material comes from either our plantations or we procure from smallholder farmers.


We source raw natural rubber from smallholders to feed our processing facilities. Our raw material procurement reach covers in excess of 700,000 hectares of rubber-producing land. We get high-quality field material because of our long-standing relationships with thousands of smallholders and agents. 

We also procure high quality finished goods from third-party natural rubber producers. Our sourcing covers a broad range of grades of rubber from all major origins, including Asia, West Africa and Central America. We have a strategic sourcing office located in Vietnam to access natural rubber from emerging producers in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Supported by our global network, we can distribute the goods to our customers in a timely manner.


We employ a modern approach to fair and sustainable value creation in the origination of natural rubber. Our plantations span Malaysia and West Africa and as a sustainable model corporate citizen, we are extensively invested in ecological conservation, economic growth and social development. Our 10,000 ha Malaysian plantation will feed our Malaysian processing facilities while our Cameroon plantations totalling 100,000 ha employ low density planting safeguarding against negative impact on biodiversity. We are extensively invested in meeting the highest quality, social and environmental standards, exploiting our management’s agronomical expertise to maximise yield and minimise impact.

We balance economic development with ecological and social preservation, providing employment directly affecting in excess of 40,000 individuals. We have a high allocation of High Carbon Stock and High Conservation Value areas, adhering to international standards. 25,000 hectares of our Cameroon plantations, the land space 4 times the size of Manhattan Island, has been designated a Corporate Biodiversity Reserve for the preservation and management of biodiversity to conserve species, habitats, landscapes and ecosystems. In 2019 we established the Cameroon Outgrower Programme to drive dual agenda of social-economic development and ecological conservation by developing land into multi-crop farms around a core of natural rubber.

The programme targets 27,000 ha and in excess of 10,000 smallholders with a planting programme set to run until 2030. Halcyon’s total plantation output is set to exceed 120,000 mT in 15 years.




Plantation Details

2.944974, 11.990785


Plantation Details

Hevecam I40,992
Hevecam II11,615
2.939664, 9.91007



Plantation Details

Area Size(HA)
Lebir 2,454
Ulu Temiang 2,023
Laloh 1,593
Ulu Nenggiri 3,775
Total 9,845
5.105556, 102.460028