Halcyon Agri’s origination reach is extensive, spanning the world’s major natural rubber producing regions. Our raw material comes from either our plantations or we procure from smallholder farmers.


We source raw natural rubber from smallholders to feed our processing facilities. Our raw material procurement reach covers in excess of 700,000 hectares of rubber-producing land. We get high-quality field material because of our long-standing relationships with thousands of smallholders and agents. 

We also procure high quality finished goods from third-party natural rubber producers. Our sourcing covers a broad range of grades of rubber from all major origins, including Asia, West Africa and Central America. We have a strategic sourcing office located in Vietnam to access natural rubber from emerging producers in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Supported by our global network, we can distribute the goods to our customers in a timely manner.


Our plantations are located in Malaysia and West Africa. We own approximately 10,000 hectares of Sultanate land in Kelantan, Malaysia, of which 7,200 hectares will provide feedstock to our Malaysian processing facilities. Our natural rubber production will include both latex and cup-lump that will produce higher grades of rubber for premium and specialty applications. The first tapping of our rubber trees is expected in 2020.

Our land area in Cameroon stretches 112,000 hectares and is strategically located in Meyomessala and Niete, split between the Hevecam (53,000 ha) and Sudcam (59,000 ha) operations. In total, we have planted 29,000 ha out of a total plantable area of 73,000 ha. These two operations represent the single largest rubber plantation in the world. In 2017, Hevecam produced 18,000 metric tonnes of rubber, of which 6,000 mT were produced as concentrated latex. We will start tapping in Sudcam in April 2018, and the combined output of both assets is expected to reach 100,000 mT in 15 years’ time. We also have one plantation in Ivory Coast.




Plantation Details



Plantation Details

Hevecam I40,992
Hevecam II11,615



Plantation Details

Area Size(HA)
Lebir 2,454
Ulu Temiang 2,023
Laloh 1,593
Ulu Nenggiri 3,775
Total 9,845