At Halcyon Agri we recognise the nexus between good environmental, social and governance practices, and a healthy sustainable business. Since 2010 we have journeyed along our roadmap towards our goal of being an exemplary leader in best practices within the sector. Our policy is to work with stakeholders including industry partners, adopting a proactive approach towards minimising the environmental impacts of our practices and processes, positively contributing towards the communities in which we operate, and maintaining strict compliance to rule of law.

Sustainability Reporting

Halcyon Agri conducts a full sustainability assessment bi-annually with an external consultant. In light of the constantly evolving nature of the natural rubber industry and concerns linked to the broader environment, we undertake thorough materiality assessments, with the latest conducted in Q4 2016. Our sustainability reporting is based on the SGX Sustainability Reporting Guide and those of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our sustainability reports are published within the stipulated reporting timeframe.

Social Investment

Recognising the importance and opportunities of creating a healthy social environment, Halcyon Agri invests in its people by providing housing, utilities, places of worship, agricultural land, and food allowances for its employees. Additionally, we invest in HEVEAPRO Community Support Programmes which directly contribute to the broader community where we operate.

Under this Programme, we provide free clinics, healthcare, nutritional support for expectant women and newborns, vector control in surrounding communities, scholarships for children from low income families, and construction of infrastructure such as paths and bridges to improve access, among others. Accommodation, electricity, running water and other basic amenities for all residents on our Cameroon plantations are paid in full under our Programme.

Health & Safety

Incident rates have been consistently low and  we continue to see improvements as each year passes. Nevertheless, Halcyon Agri views any single incident or accident as serious and we are continuously reassessing our safety and health risks and controls, learning from accidents and incidents, as well as promoting information exchange between factories. We will drive continual improvement through employee training, upgrading, and better housekeeping. Furthermore,  routine practices such as independent auditing and risk assessment are mandatory.

Pollution Control

The majority of our processing factories utilise a chemical-free activated sludge biological effluent treatment system. In conjunction with the expansion of Halcyon Agri, we are in the process of upgrading several factories to ensure a high standard is met throughout our operations, and we continue to invest in effective water treatment infrastructure. Discharge water is tested on a daily basis at all factories to ensure that effluent quality is well above legal compliance limits, and we recycle water to supplement operational usage and provide for community non-portable usage. Likewise, air emissions from our facilities are tested for compliance on a regular basis.

Discharge water is tested on a daily basis at all factories to ensure that effluent quality is well above legal compliance limits, and we recycle water to supplement operational usage and provide for community non-portable usage. Likewise, air emissions from our facilities are tested for compliance on a regular basis.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

Although solid waste management is not a significant aspect of business operations, initiatives to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste are a standard operational practice at production sites. Production machinery is serviced on-site in order to prolong operational lifespan. All scrap metals, wood, and plastics are recycled. Rubber debris collected from wet lines is donated to surrounding small enterprises to supply to other manufacturers which make rubber products such as shoe soles and carpet backings.

As sediment and sludge from water treatment activities are potentially a fertile growing medium, we have completed composting trials including contamination testing. This has proven to be successful. As such, the medium is now used for our in-house farming activities as well as being donated to surrounding farms. All other applicable sites will adopt composting to minimise waste in the near future.

Process Efficiency

We continually seek to improve the efficiency of our processing methods through the modification and strict maintenance regime for our production machinery. Existing heating systems are optimised to deliver maximum energy efficiency, with monitoring and benchmarking of energy use as a standard practice. This helps to minimise the production cost of natural rubber products through resource savings.

Monthly factory metric reports are scrutinized not only for consumption of dryer fuels but also for consumption of electricity and water. A performance dashboard is prepared to allow us to zoom into specific areas of operation and identify opportunities for improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement

Halcyon Agri is committed to working with stakeholders and engages in regular dialogue with customers, suppliers, competitors, industry associations, our employees and their families, to understand and respond to their needs. Through regular participation in industry meetings organised by groups, such as the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Rubber Association (SICCRA), Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS), the Indonesian Rubber Association (Gapkindo), Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), and customers, we are on the forefront of developments within the industry and strive to better understand the needs of all stakeholders.

In 2015, Halcyon Agri committed to work with a key customer in a project to engage both farmers and suppliers to trace and map the upstream supply chain, and to understand their challenges so that programmes that provide assistance to them can be taken. The project was officially launched in April 2017.

Management Commitment

Halcyon Agri is committed towards progressive implementation of Halcyon Agri’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and we model our CSR programme on ISO 26001 Guidance Notes on CSR. Currently, our processing factories are certified to ISO 9001. All operations in Malaysia are certified to ISO 14001 standards for Environmental Management Systems, with one factory receiving additional certification to OSHAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Our Indonesian subsidiaries have received training for ISO 14001,  with one of the factories receiving certification in 2016, and all others Indonesian factories on track for certification in the 2017. Halcyon Agri is aligning all assets within the group with credible, certifiable management systems.

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